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Here a recent project:


This is a part of the German Passive House, as covered in the panelling section: 

An open space master bathroom, rustic panelling and contrasting tiling with natural slate and integrated little feature tiles.

All started with the installation of the tub and building a small 'footboard' wall with a corner of a massive beam section, to contain the plumbing and provide a surface for bath accessories.

Tub Installation


Similarly, also a matching vanity is created for the sink.
This will receive doors and drawers later.

 sink 1  sink 2

Then followed tiling the countertop with a matching dark tile...


...And then the backsplash received slate pieces, that I cut into
rectangular pieces of equal height, and also a few integrated feature
tiles that match the sink.


The final product was this:

Sink final


The tub encasing and the head-wall received a black ceramic tile,
while the main wall was tediously 'patched' with best matching slate pieces, that in most cases still needed some edge cutting, to fit
together like a big puzzle. I took care to avoid any wide gaps, and
rather overlapped the pieces where possible, to have a natural drip
edge for the water run-off.

TubWall ungrouted

If it were not an interior shower area, I would have preferred to not grout it, and leave it with the drip edge - as in the picture above. But since there really should be no moisture getting behind the slate, I gave it a sealing grout finish.

Tub Grouted


TubWall Detail

And finally...done !

(Well, the vanity doors are still missing)

Bath Finished




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