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On this page is an overview of somewhat older projects,
but which are not on my other site

(The oldest below, the more recent projects on top)

Just click the headlines below !



bullet   This is a new Bathroom Project

       - with tiling and showerstall installation



bullet   This is a complete Renewal of an old Kitchen

       - with new cabinets and appliances, tiling, painting, etc.



bullet   This is a complete Renewal of an old Bathroom
       (same unit as the kitchen above)

       - with new tub, sink, toilet, and tiling, painting,etc.



bullet   This is a complete Renovation of a Vacation Rental Unit
        Documented here is Re-designing the Kitchenette

      - with new cabinets, doors made by me, new appliances, tiling.







For a larger number of still older projects go to "Making Things Nice"