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My Rates:


From past experience I have seen, that an hourly rate is the fairest for both sides. You pay only for my actual work time, and I won't fall too short either. Rates based per sq.foot will rarely reflect the actual work input, and are usually set much higher, as to offset any possible complications. So a time based rate is simply fairer.


Since short jobs have a higher overhang for me (advertising, tool packing, travel, etc), while larger projects make it much easier to  plan ahead,
I reflect this in my rate structure as following:


First 5 work hours  = 50 $/h

Next 10 work hours  = 45 $/h

Everything after this  = only 40 $/h


Travel Expenses and Material Pickups = 35 cents/km

When accommodation is needed = 125 $/night



 With this I hope to make it fair and more affordable for You for larger projects, that generally stress your budget anyhow.


I am dedicated to quality work,
and hope to make You happy with what I do !


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