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Here a few shots of the interior of the unique

German Passive House

(The first of it's kind built 'North-of-60' - so well energy optimized,
that it requires just minimal heating - even in Yukon winters)

I had the privilege to complete all the interior panelling with pine T&G, add more walls in the loft, finish the floors and do the bathroom tiling.

(This is just a quick photo collection, more details, as well as videos of the procedures
will be added here soon.)

From the outside it is a rather strange looking 'tin' box house.

Tin was chosen because of the constant wildfire potential, that we have
here in the rural areas of the Yukon.

German Passive House


But the inside, behind 20" thick, sheep-wool insulated walls with an
R 70 value, reveals its unique, traditional beam construction.

 Tenons and Dowels  Beams and arched Braces

All beams were joined with tenons and wooden dowels, which was to be left visible. The braces were sawed in decorative arches, and were quite demanding for the panelling, as all cuts needed to be curved and fitted without gaps. I made templates for the cuts, yet still it varied from board to board. It was a challenging fun, that I truly enjoyed !


Fitting the panel boards.


 Stairway Post  Post of Stairs

A whole tree is the center post for support and the handrails.


Finished Room

The same room after the mess.


Bottom Room

Main room on bottom floor.



German Passive House at night

 It's a very unique and cosy home !