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Here is an overview of most sections of my other site


All links to this site will open in a new tab, because there are no links back to here on those pages.
So with this page (You are on right now) remaining open in your browser, You can simply close any other page to get back here.

The same applies for all other links distributed throughout this site (YukonRenovations.ca).

MakingThingsNice.ca was the very first site I ever designed, and was an experimental project, while learning this new type of graphic design. That's why many sections have a different look, and the navigation is a little complicated.

The main navigation is an interactive graphical menu, which is perhaps nice for browsing around, yet not the best solution to find something quick and targeted. That's why I made this link collection below.

Important: Since I really experimented creatively with all options available, it is a very interactive site with many mouse-over effects.

So in order to not miss many of the 'hidden' images and effects,
ALWAYS move your cursor along where your eyes are !


There is a lot to discover - so take your time...







Just click the links below to get to the matching page:



Note: This page is a little complicated but most interactive fun page if You follow the instructions. It also gives You a taste, of why I emphasis that You ALLWAYS follow your cursor along where your eyes go (look at).

Instruction:  When You land on this page, the cursor turns to a paint brush. When You are ready, click once and the info window disappears.
Now move the brush (your cursor) rather slowly and evenly across the whole screen, just like scanning line for line when reading.

Magically the text for You to read pops up. You literally paint the text on the background. If You mess up and things happen too fast, simply refresh the page and start all over.

Have fun - and learn about some painting know-how.

Now click HERE





bullet  General Tiling of Bathrooms and Kitchens 


bullet  Upscale Bathrooms with Marble


bullet  Tiling of Floors - including Subfloor Heaters


bullet  A Tiled Masonry Stove





bullet  Doors and Gates


bullet  Posts, Rails and Signs


bullet  Wood-Turning (very interactive!)



Traditional-Rustic Furniture


bullet  Tables and Chairs 


bullet  Beds and Various


Quality Log Furniture


bullet  Tables, Chairs and Seats 


bullet  Beds, Benches and Basins



Small Structures


bullet  Car-Port, Gazebo, Stairs, Bridge, Sheds, etc. 


bullet  Boats-Pier


Larger Structures


bullet  A complete Restauration of a 100 yr. old Cabin plus a new Addition