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This is a project of a complete upgrade of a vacation rental suite

It received a new ceiling with T&G panels and a complete exchange of the kitchenette with new cabinets and appliances.

The cabinets were the Eurostyle line from HomeDepot, that just needed assembly and installation. But I was to do all the doors, which I made out of high quality birch plywood, and after giving them a nice round-over edge, stained them with a water based mahagony stain, and then finished them with a clear, waterbased varnish.


This is how the old kitchenette looked like:

 Old Kitchenette-1  Old Kitchenette-2


First everything needed to be torn out:

 Torn-out-1  Torn-out-2

...and after the ceiling was panelled, the walls were repaired and painted,
came the cabinet and appliance installation.

Cabinet Installation




Also both side ends
received a solid wall to
enclose the kitchen area more and seperate
this area somewhat
from the rest of the room,
as well as to avoid an
open gap behind the appliances.



Then the top of the bottom cabinets received a frame of 2x4's to add stability and thickness to the topping with plywood, as a good base for the tiled countertop surface.

The thickness is needed to have a nice looking final front edge of the countertop, and wide enough to also be tiled.



After the plywood is also installed, followed the tiling of the countertop.
Also the backsplash received some decorative tiles, glued on top of the original white tiles, that were kept in place.









Next was the fabrication
of the cabinet doors.

First the birch plywood was cut to size,
then received a routered roundover edge,
which showed the
fine-layered ply-layers nicely,
adding an extra touch
to the otherwise very plain
and elegant appearance
of the doors.

Here the router setup.


And finally after a lot of good sanding,
the staining with a waterbased mahogany stain,
followed with a waterbased varnish coating.

 Cabinet-Doors-1  Cabinet-Doors-2

And the last step was attaching the hinges and handles,
the door installation,
and a good adjustment and finetuning
of their final position.

Ah, yeah... and a real good clean up was the very last thing !

Finished Project-1

Finished Project-2