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This 1960's bathroom was horrible !

Everything needed to be re-done.
We only kept the build-in vanity, repainted and equipped with a new sink.


Old Bathroom

 Old vanity-1

 Old sink

Old Tub

The sink was rusted through and obviously needed replacement.
So the owner, an older man, tried hard to find a sink, that would
colour-wise match the old tub.

It took me quite some convincing, until he finally agreed to
replace the tub too.Behind the old tub

As it turned out, this was more than just necessary !

 Patched wood

 Rotten wood

 The structural material around the tub and even in the walls was rotten, brittle and contained mold. Some of the rotten wood was already replaced with little pieces, that lacked any structural stability.
And now he told me, that there were floodings, that had soaked the walls, and that he had already caulked the tub edge, because the water would always flow in there when the shower was used... !

So I replaced whatever I could access, before I could install the new tub.

Then I was finally ready to go after the actual project. 

Electrical Floor Heater 

 The heating wire layout,
to cost-efficiently cover the most important
floor areas.

And then the tiling could be done.
First the floor and then the walls.




Tiling Entrance

 New Vanity-1

 New Vanity-2

Finally all done !

All New