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And who is the creative eye behind 'Yukon Ronovations' ?



Well it's me...


HaRa Hopf



And my Backgrounds ?

Life entailed many phases and stations for me.

Originally born in Germany in a family of many generations of creative spirits,
I inherited creativity and just naturally grew up being creative in many ways.

Namingly this was art - sketching, drawing, painting, sculpturing, carving...
Already as a 7-year old boy, my grandfather taught me the art of turning wood
on a lathe. Well - not really yet an art - as that needed to develop later with practice, but he showed me the first steps. 

At age of 9, I was given my first camera, a twin lens Rolleicord, that instantly triggered a deep interest of dwelging into everything photography related.
At 11, just after our family immigrated to Canada, I was setting up my first darkroom to process my 60mm negatives and positive prints. Experimenting with
the limits became kinda my obsession. Being on a very limited financial budget,
I built my first enlarger and other equipment myself.

I started developing pictures for my classmates for a few cents of income
Also I co-designed our annual schoolbook, and took the portraits of all teachers.
And during the holidays - while others enjoyed playing outside or were on vaccation,  I worked nightshifts as a janitor at Simpson-Sears, in determination of finally acquiring a better SLR-camera, an Exacta Varex 2, plus a 135mm lens.

Also during my high-school years I was active in our film-club, shot 8mm movies and made movie animations and short comics. And I was to operate the schools baby -  the video equipment!  This was a huge tripod bond camera (like in a TV studio) with
a laundry-machine sized 1 inch tape reel machine - still all black/white,  as color TV's where just emerging.
We even recorded the first moon landing with this monster.
(A mere thought of a smartphone with HD video capability and Multi-Gigabyte memory was exceeding even science-fiction imagination at that time !  LOL ).

My dream was to become a graphic designer. Yet things came different, and I landed in the medical field, as a Nurse and then Physical Therapist. But photography - and later videography - always stayed my first interest and hobby. And more than once
I ventured into more professional waters, doing school photography, shooting events and for newspaper articles, as well as commercial documentations in the machine manufacturing niche. But the highlight was creating multi-visual slide-shows with up to 9 simultaneously controlled projectors for up to large audiences (on 10m screens).

Back in these days, prior the availability of PCs, this was quite a demanding task, that required lots of manual and ultra precise work. But it was the absolute fun !
Today with digital photography and computer programs this is by far not what it once used to be. Still lots of fun - yet so much easier. And way more cheaper !!


But what does this has to do with Renovations ?

After I lived several years again in Europe (Germany and Switzerland), hopping back and forth between Canada and there - as well as doing extensive travels in
SE-Asia and many parts of Europe (and all across Canada too!), I finally settled
in Peachland in the Okanagan, BC.

Unfortunately my European medical diplomas are not accepted in Canada.
This required a completely new orientation.

So I started off as a property manager on a large acreage in Peachland.
This involved many landscaping and renovation projects. Working with tools and paintbrushes was nothing new for me. And I liked doing it, while gradually acquiring more and more experience and routines, and in more fields and techniques.
I liked it.  And there was always demand for work like that.

On this acreage, I was allowed to build me a spacy workshop, and there I also
started producing furniture - esp. quality massive, rustic and log-style.
Some of these products are displayed on my other site 'MakingThingsNice.ca'
(see the links in the nav-menu!).

However not much later, when I started this, the property was sold and I no longer needed. And with that, I lost my workshop (and months of lined-up orders).

That's when I started going full time into Renovations.

One of my main clients was a Peachland Lakeshore Resort with over a dozen cabins, that all needed to be renovated and upscaled over a period of almost 5 years.
It kept me busy. And even though I had just acquired a property (in 2004) in the Yukon - where I always wanted to move to sooner or later - I migrated back and forth between the Yukon and the Okanagan.

HaRa Painting

HaRa CarPort


And my plans for now and the future ?

Here at my place at the Little-Salmon Lake, I have now regained and set up again my well equipped wood-working shop, which allows me to do custom woodworking orders, like furniture and massive doors. I also will start producing quality log-furniture again, once I could harvest a good stock of fire killed material to create a unique set of 'Burniture'. And of course wood turnings - like candle-holders, plates, bowls, etc. will always be part of what I do.

However all this takes time and is not suitable for a quick and sustainable income source.  Yet there is still... Renovations !

I was even involved in a few larger new constructions in Whitehorse and area.

One of them was finishing the interior of a very unique project, a so-called
'German Passive House' being build in Mt. Lorne, the first of its kind built
'north of 60'. (Some of this will be documented here).

For the main part of the coming season, I am still available.
Ideal is the Campbell region (Carmacks, Faro, Ross River),
as it is closest to where I live.

But since I am fully camperized and mobile, I am available anywhere, where I can park my trailer nearby, and the distance is in a somewhat healthy relationship with the project size.

And while I can do basically anything renovation-wise (with just a few exceptions),
I favour those, that focus more on beautification and where I know, that I can really help and make someone happy, with what I do.