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 ...Bringing Your Environment Into A New Light


Definition:  Renovation = 'Re-New-ation'

Making something old all new again,
touching it up with enhancements,


Making something new to stay new, fresh and beautiful -
for a long time to come.

Renovation is adding quality and enjoyment
for your living or business environment.

And it's also about adding value to your property,
so that a potential turn-around will be more profitable.

Renovation means not only to increase - or regain -
functionality and practicability,
 but most of all beautification !

And with that the emphasis is on increasing the quality of your life.

...To feel really comfy at home - 

or/and to attract your guests and create a great experience for them !



That's why You need to choose a partner for your projects,
who is not only experienced
  and dedicated for quality work...

But who also has the
 creative, artistic feel
for adding just this extra touch,
that makes a home, office or a place for guests,

 stand out and be truly beautiful and enjoyable.

And since You want to get the most out of your budget,
it also requires someone with responsibility and dedication.

And last not least, to blend all elements seamless together,
a partner with a
 high degree of versatility
 makes everything
- from the design to the workflow - much more efficient.

So... talk with me !

Let's brainstorm ideas, make a plan, set a goal...

...and then realize your dreams.


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And - especially on those pages - are many interactive parts (mouse-overs) which
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- Otherwise You will miss out on many goodies.


Enjoy and start dreaming !


I love to help You too.



 HaRa Hopf

 HaRa Hopf